Monday, August 15, 2011

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Latest MiniMonos Mogger Highlight!

Hey monkeys! Bananatastic decided to browse through a few blogs earlier today, and found a good one to feature for this week's MiniMonos Mogger Highlight. Check it out!

Today I was checking out all of the awesome MiniMonos fan sites and saw Loki Terry's site, MiniMonos.Info! His site is consistantly updated with MiniMonos news each week and he has tons of helpful tutorials for monkeys who are new to MiniMonos.
Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 4.11.28 PM
Many times I see Loki Terry will have MiniMonos updates posted on his site just minutes after they're released! He is a really hard working mogger and for that, his site is being highlighted this week! Click here and check out MiniMonos.Info.
Awesome! So congratulations Loki Terry! Keep up the good mogging!

Want More Gold Tickets? Well You're in Luck....

Hey monkeys! Angie here bringing you your latest news when it comes to your tickets! Want more tickets, but can't seem to find a way to get more? Well you're in luck, because for this weekend only you can get MORE GOLD TICKETS! Want to know how? Check out all the details here!

This weekend, if you purchase anything from MiniMonos worth $9.95 or more, you'll get 3 BONUS GOLD TICKETS!
Remember, the gold tickets are our TOP PRIZE on the Bonus Bash Machine at the Info Center!
We'll be checking regularly throughout the weekend to award gold tickets, so if you don't have yours straight away, just chill! Check back later and it'll be there :-)
And don't forget monkeys,
Offer ends midnight, July 19, Monkey Standard Time.
Now, I know the 19th was last Tuesday, but I think the poster really meant the 29th which is this Sunday! More information on this typo coming soon, but buy what you can $9.95 or more while you can before this offer expires! Happy shopping,
UPDATE: THE TYPO HAS BEEN FIXED (: OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT, August 2, MONKEY STANDARD TIME! So Enjoy the sale while you can - it ends next Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Monkey of the Week ISS....

Hey monkeys! It's that week again, what week, this week, the week of our weekly MiniMonos Monkey of the Week! A weekly thing on the Go Bananas Blog where a monkey from our 250,000+ monkeys is chosen for just being an active monkey around MiniMonos and standing out is some sort of way! This week's Monkey of the Week is quite and active monkey, and that monkey is....
Nicky is this week's Monkey of the Week! Let's give her a big round of monkey applause! :-)Motw Nicky has always been a really active monkey here on the Go Bananas blog and in-world on MIniMonos! She participates in PERcY's Pick Up a Piece of Trash Day -- here's one of her comments:
"That video was really cool. I recycled some stuff today instead or throwing it in the bin! :)"
Nice job, Nicky!
Nicky has always been a very friendly monkey on MiniMonos, too! Check out one of Nicky's comments on the MiniMonos Weekly Wonder:
but i like monkey fist because you earn lots off banana chips
you can talk to your friends in the game and you earn belts so you always strive to get to the next belt AND..................well its just an awesome game
nicky~ !!!! :]"
 That's so sweet! :-)
Congratulations, Nicky! You're an awesome monkey!
Wow, so congratulations Nicky, you are a bananatastic monkey! Want to be the next Monkey of the Week? Well here's a little message from Calypso telling you how!

Want to be featured on Monkey of the Week? Make yourself known! Complete an eco-project, welcome new monkeys, comment on the Go Bananas blog, enter contests and talk with us on MiniMonos Island!
So know you know how to make yourself Monkey of the Week! Go Bananas monkeys,

More MiniMonos Surprises in Store!

Hey monkeys! MiniMonos has a surprise in store for you, that has to do with a store, soo....

'Diaper' backward spells 'Repaid' so we're making sure you're repaid with an awesome discount at the MiniMonos Store!
Use the following codes to get this awesome discount on your next t-shirt order!:
BabyMonkey Coupon Code: TooHot
Discount: 20% off the base price subtotal, no minimums

Coupon Code: forHoodies
Discount: 35% off the base price subtotal of $50+

All MiniMonos t-shirts are made from eco-friendly organic cotton, and there are Wu Lee, Bea and Flip shirts available!
Crawl to the MiniMonos Organic Store and check it out! :-)
And don't forget monkeys,
Offer ends Midnight Saturday July 30th, US Mountain Time.
So enjoy your sales while you can monkeys! Happy shopping,

The Summer Eco-Contest Begins!

Hey monkeys! It's finally summer for the monkeys in the North Hemisphere, which means the Summer Eco-Contest Begins! Check out the details, prizes, and more! Right here, right now...

This contest requires you to become a MiniMonos EcoMonkey! You can read more about EcoMonkeys by clicking here. 
Robot If you are already an EcoMonkey you will need to create another eco-project to be in the running for the awesome prizes below!
We'll be checking out your eco-projects and judging them on 5 categories!
Each category winner will get a 1 Month MiniMonos Gold membership, 50 shells AND one of the following prizes on MiniMonos:
Globebullet Bea Best eco-monkey garden project!
20 bags of Tic-Tac-Poo compost, 200 strawberry baskets and 20 'Go Green Goo' powers!
Globebullet Best recycling project!
A bunch of recycled robot-building material (enough for 2 robots)!
Globebullet Best eco clean-up project!
1 Gold Bonus Bash ticket, 3 Silver tickets and 5 Bronze tickets!
Globebullet Tapmancs treehouse1 Best eco-project around the house!
A new pyramid treehouse! Plus 5 awesome items to put inside!

Globebullet Best community eco-project! (friends, neighbours, club etc)
6 awesome xPowers (x20) to celebrate with monkey friends!
PLUS everymonkey that completes an eco-project becomes an EcoMonkey and is awarded an EcoMonkey t-shirt on MiniMonos and a special plaque!
The contest ends on August 8th! That's 2 weeks to submit your eco-project for a chance to win one of these awesome prizes!
Awesome, so are you planning on becoming an eco-monkey? Do you plan on competing in this contest? If you're already an eco-monkey, will you make another project? Those are questions that you can leave answers to in the comments! What kind of project are you doing? In what category? Well, don't tell me! Choose, get started, send it in to Eco-Mom, for your chance to win one of those many prizes! Good luck,

Which Staff Member - Which Monkey - Monkey Fact Monday!

Hey monkeys! It's time for another Monkey Fact Monday, where, for the next couple of week's, Calypso will be asking staff members what their favorite monkeys are and why. Last week, Calypso asked Bananatastic what his favorite monkey was, now...

This week I asked Manx what monkey species was her favorite:
"I think Goeldi Marmosets really neat because they're so small and cute!
And also that not much is known about them since their species is so spread out. That's why I think we need to really conserve our rainforests -- there are so many species we haven't discovered yet, and more that we don't know a lot about. It would be shame if we lost them."
Sweet Manx! They sure would be missed if we lost them!
Goeldi Marmosets are most commonly found in the Amazon River Basin. Goeldi Marmosets adult monkeys only weight about 3 ounces -- That's tiny!
Wow! Goeldi Marmosets are cute little monkeys (: What do you think of them and this Monkey Fact Monday? Who do you think will be asked for next week's Monkey Fact Monday? Leave a comment and let me know!